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Fathers' Groups

In many societies most people are interested in the well-being of the woman and her baby and this has created the need for fathers’ groups.


How is it for fathers?

Fathers experience this transitional stage in their own way. Pregnancy brings about intense feelings that many fathers are scared of sharing with their friends, family or partner.


Should I be next to my partner during labour? Will I be able to cope with that? How can I support and help my partner in the postnatal period? Will our sexual life change after the birth of our child?


Fathers’ groups have been created in order to provide support to new fathers or fathers-to-be. We discuss and share questions, opinions and concerns.


We receive the appropriate information and we decide what suits us, how we will express that and we prepare ourselves and become stronger and more secure in order to welcome the new member in our family.


If you are not sure yet, here are some reasons to join this group.

  1. Your father did not do it.
  2. The more you know, the more secure you feel.
  3. Your partner would like you to do it, even if she does not say so.
  4. Help in breastfeeding (believe it or not, your help will be priceless).
  5. Other fathers’ experiences might help you.
You can join whenever you want to.
Contact us for further information.
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Contact us for further information.
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