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Antenatal classes

Help you and your partner get ready for the birth of your child and parenthood. Most
people say that attending antenatal classes made them feel more confident and enjoy

We will discuss about...

  •  Physiology of labour
  •  Signs of labour and when to call the midwife
  •  Birthing positions
  •  Relaxation and breathing techniques to use during labour
  •  Breastfeeding
  •  Care of the newborn
  •  Birth plan
  • …and so much more!

Antenatal classes are about preparing both physically and psychologically for labour, connecting with your body and your baby and empowering your inner instincts. The classes offer evidence-based information that will help you identify your wishes, make your own choices regarding birth, while being more confident and calm in order to have a positive birth experience. Finally, socializing is another important aspect of antenatal classes as
couples share their feelings, experiences and worries with each other. This continuous interaction and exchange of opinions between couples in the classes strengthens the group, contributes to the creation of friendships and increases the bonding within and between the couples.


6 classes 

Participation fee: 30€/couple/class

Location: Alexioupoleos 1, Argyroupoli, Athens, 16452

Book your place at: 211 4013 649, 6970678817,


You can download here the Birth Plan file in order to complete it, if you wish.


birth plan

The sessions are led by
Eleni Asimaki Midwife
Saturday 23rd of April 2020 (online classes)
Participation fee

Alexioupoleos 1, Argyroupoli, Athens, 16452

Book your place

211 4013 649 I 697 0678 817 I

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