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Parenthood classes

The postnatal period is a transitional stage, full of changes and thoughts. Everything feels new and grandmothers, friends, healthcare professionals give their opinions to the couple. You might feel well or sad, confused or anxious. You are not alone!


We are waiting for you and your baby. We are here to discuss, to encourage you to interact with other mothers and share your needs, fears, experiences, dreams, thoughts...and some coffee or tea and biscuits!


In each session we talk about a different topic, based on the group’s needs.



1st Session: My birth experience is…

2nd Session: Feelings. From pregnancy to the postnatal period and from that to life.

3rd Session: I respond to my baby´s developmental leaps.

4th Session: Baby´s cry. Identify-Respond-Relieve

5th Session: I dream about sleeping.

6th Session: The couple.


The sessions are held by Katerina Georgakoula (midwife) and Despina Gravvani (psychologist and psychotherapist).


e-seminarsΥοu can attend the sessions via Skype.

You can reach IROIS from anywhere you are! This is a new service, through which you can participate in any course you are interested in, whenever it personally suits you. Individual sessions are scheduled that cover the topics of the current seminars and classes. Just let us know in which of these you are interested and we will arrange the date and time. You will need to transfer the participation fee to our bank account beforehand and you are ready!

The sessions are led by
Katerina Georgakoula (midwife) & Despina Gravvani (psychologist and psychotherapist)
Participation fee
Alexioupoleos 1, Argyroupoli, Athens, 16452
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