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Who we are | IROIS, Midwifery Care Centre, Breastfeeding, Birth & Midwifery Care


A centre of midwifery care for every family. An idea that came from young people, who have the vision to empower maternity through the real support of families, by giving them choices and the necessary space to express their wishes and needs.
  • IROIS for the woman-mother
  • IROIS for the partner-father
  • IROIS for the heroine-mum from “Les Irois”
  • IROIS, midwives for labour
  • IROIS for the period after labour

Where did the name of our centre come from?

Just a very short story about how life made me create this centre and give such a special name to it.

I was about to complete my studies in the Faculty of Midwifery in Athens and I kept thinking that I wanted to learn more, to broaden my horizons and develop my knowledge and skills as much as possible. It was at that point that I decided to follow my dream and join the midwives of King’s College Hospital in London, one of the largest hospitals in the UK and one of the best maternity units worldwide.

My whole life changed in London. I worked with well-known scientists, experienced midwives that showed me a totally different path, by offering knowledge and sharing old and new experiences with me.

I attended many births and even though I realised that every time the approach was different and individualised, there were three main characteristics that remained the same:
1. Respect for every woman’s body
2. Caring approach
3. Evidence-based practice

Every day was teaching me how wise nature is and how specially designed the female body is. Then I started working in another unit and providing midwifery care to women from the beginning of their pregnancy until after labour. There were nights that I did not sleep in order to be at the mother’s side, there were pregnants that called me just to make sure I would answer my mobile during the night. Births in many places, in the hospital, in the birth centre, at home, in the water, sitting, standing, cuddling, by the fireplace, in the bath and many more. Every birth was a story.

There were so many different cases and experiences, but there was one that would stay forever in my memory. One morning, I was with a woman of my age, Nadège, from Les Irois in Haiti. I was at her house just when the labour started and she was very stressed, so we started a nice discussion in order to relax. She talked to me about her home country, her city and God “Obatala” that protects women in labour. The midwife joins hands with this God in order for the baby to be born healthy. When the labour was over, Nadège told me: “I felt that I was born again, together with my child” and then I realised that only a midwife can contribute to making the birth experience wonderful for every woman.

I left the UK when I felt ready to come back to Greece and be able to share everything I learned. On the plane, I closed my eyes and imagined a centre of midwifery care, with holistic approach to every family, to every mother, to every partner, to every child. This is how the idea of IROIS was created, for the heroine-mum from Les Irois.

Katerina Georgakoula

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