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τεστ παπανικολάου

Smear Test done by midwives

A smear test is a routine examination that all women should have in order to prevent cervical cancer.  


Cervical cancer is asymptomatic until it reaches a late stage.


A smear test can detect any abnormal cells before these become cancerous.


During this examination, a cervical sample is collected and then it is sent for cervical culture and analysis of the cells.

The sample is checked for abnormal cells, atypical squamous cells (ASCUS), cells that seem to have been infected by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) or cancerous cells.

Furthermore, a smear test can diagnose sexually transmitted infections in the vagina or cervix.


How often should a woman have a smear test?

In order for abnormalities to be diagnosed and managed, it is recommended to have your first smear test one year after your first sexual intercourse and then repeat it once a year.

The best time to have your smear test done is one week after your period has stopped.

You should avoid sexual intercourse, using a tampon/vaginal suppository/vaginal gel, vaginal wash and antibiotics for at least 48 hours before the smear test.


You can book an appointment by calling us or sending us an email.


The appointment includes:

  • Smear test
  • Bimanual exam
  • Palpation of the breasts
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