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Neonatal Jaundice and Infant Feeding
Jaundice is a common and physiological situation. It affects 60% of full-term babies, 80% of preterm babies, while 5% of these babies will require phototherapy. Many women face a paradox when they are told that breastfeeding is the best start for their baby’s life and at the same time they hear that breastfed babies will develop jaundice more often.
Ηypnobirthing is a simple and unique combination of relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and visualisations. When we use the word ''visualisations'' we refer to pictures that help the pregnant woman concentrate and communicate with her body and her baby. Especially nowadays and in societies like ours that many people have detached themselves from their natural instincts, Hypnobirthing helps bring the woman in touch with her body and trust her nature. 
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