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IROIS, Midwifery Care Centre - Maternity, Breastfeeding, Birth & Midwifery Care

IROIS, Midwifery Care Centre

IROIS is a centre that offers midwifery care and parenting preparation to every family throughout pregnancy, shows support and respect to every childbirth and provides families with holistic care after birth.

IROIS for the woman

IROIS for the mother-to-be, the woman who wants to be informed, prepared and to follow her instinct to give birth.

IROIS coming from “Les Irois”

For the woman from Les Irois in Haiti that I had the pleasure to meet and work with and who will always be in my memory.

IROIS for the “heroine-mum”

IROIS is always on your side, through working with other people that share the same vision, beliefs and love for midwifery.

IROIS for you

Love, support and evidence-based knowledge is offered to every family that comes to IROIS.

IROIS, Parenthood and Normal Labour

We know that every family is unique and has its own specific characteristics, concerns and fears. That is why, we offer you solutions, that are individualised rather than routine, by giving you options, focusing on nature, empowering both the maternal and paternal instinct and creating caring relationships.

We are on your side and we want your pregnancy, labour and puerperium to be a wonderful and unique experience for all the members of your family.
In pregnancy
We are here to support and discuss with new parents and to provide midwifery care throughout pregnancy.
Groups for pregnant women
When parents-to-be interact with other couples they find it relieving and helpful.
Groups for dads
We talk about our new role, we share concerns, experiences or anything else that worries us.
The midwife in labour
I will personally be at your side to support you in giving birth and welcoming your child.
Breastfeeding support
Breastfeeding is an integral part of puerperium. Every newborn has a right to breastfeed.
Infant massage
Interact with your children. Touching-stroking-singing make your relationship even more beautiful!

IROIS, Midwifery Care Centre - Support of Natural Childbirth, Parenthood, Maternity, Conception, Breastfeeding

Meet the people of IROIS.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals in their field, always close to you to help you effectively and to solve your concerns.


Midwife - Natural Childbirth - Founder Of Irois




Infant Developmental Movement Educator - Yoga and Movement Teacher


Clinical Dietitian


Yoga Teacher

Women's experiences


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